My boyfriend and I think we saw a UFO at about 10 pm July 3. My boyfriend and I saw a very bright light almost like a large shooting star low in the sky. The flight pattern changed to little, delicate lights as well as an erratic flight pattern...It flew slowly -- without a sound -- slowing passing over house. I got away from it after I noticed that it looked like a freaky airplane with an ever so fat body and torqued wings. I felt it was watching us. My boyfriend is braver and did not flinch from it. We both saw this thing...this is very troubling to me.

Here is my boyfriend's description:

• A bright ball of light coming at us at a slow speed. The light changed to a series of small lights like a pearl necklace.

• IT made a slow, 180-degree turn and made no sound

• It looked like a flying cigar with a huge body with a really small set of wings that looked too small for the size of the body to maintain a lift and really swept back almost like fins on a rocket

• The tail end of the craft was square


MY NOTE: This sounds rather like a blimp to me - any one else hear of sightings near Dearborn that night?


While driving down I-96 E. Jan. 20, 2010 in the city of Livonia, I noticed a string of bright blue lights zooming back and forth and side to side. I couldn't stop in the middle of the express way because the average speed on this highway is 65 mph. I did notice that most of the traffic around me had slowed to about 50 mph like I had to see what the blue lights were. I tried slowing down enough to see more, but the traffic behind me was too demanding for speed. I dialed 911 and got the number to the Livonia Police Dept. and reported to a police officer that I had seen an object in the sky that was flying too low to be a plane and the fact that it had no red (beacon) light on it like airplanes usually do. When I got to my girlfriends house in Detroit, I told her what I had seen but was afraid to tell anyone else. I know a number of people saw what I saw but are afraid of ridicule if they tell someone. Please step forward and confirm my story.


I received a report Dec. 19 from a Mount Pleasant man saying that he, his brother and one other person witnessed a triangular UFO about three weeks earlier, the last week of November, hovering over the city about 8 pm. It flew over slowly at about 200 feet and featured a bright white light on each corner and three red lights inside. It made a low hum as it passed and was gone before they could alert anyone else. The sky was dark but clear. Any other witnesses see this?

Michigan Skies Abuzz (posted May 2009)

Michigan must seem a lovely place to UFOs, since they so often are sighted cruising the Wolverine State's night skies. The sightings hearken back to the strange "airships" flap of 1897 when vehicles that looked like lighted dirigibles (and may have been exactly that!) were reported over Galesburg, Holland, Bay City, Saginaw, Port Huron, Muskego, South Haven and other cities. One landed near Howard and treated locals to the sight of a naked giant. (See the full report in "Strange Michigan: More Wolverine Weirdness.")

More recently, Michigan skies seem almost clogged with otherworldly visitors. A recent issue of the online newsletter "Filer's Files" by George Filer (, issue 21-2009 profiled four Michigan sightings reported to him and to MUFON.

On May 17, 2009, in Rogers City, a man and woman spotted a very bright round light heading east, and then saw what they thought was an F-16 jet chasing it. The man considers Rogers City a "UFO hot spot."

On May 5, 2009, a Melvindale man first spotted a white sphere heading east about ten pm, and then about twelve minutes later, another ball-shaped object moving toward the first one. In another twelve minutes, one of the lights returned

On May 10, 2009, a Waterford observer witnessed a strange sight directly over his neighbor's home, about 20 feet from him. He described the phenomenon as three spheres of white light hovering 30 feet over the house and slowly circling one another in varying patterns. The sight finally made the witness so uneasy that he (or she) felt compelled to stop watching.

Another person reported a sighting from last fall (2008) near Flint. Two people saw a bright, oddly shaped object which seemed to "flip" over as they watched.

Many other sightings, including the Dearborn man who saw 15 men dressed like elves standing near a landed craft with colored lights, and the Detroit UFO flap, can be found in both "Weird Michigan" and "Strange Michigan."

It's hard to say why Michigan seems so attractive to alleged aliens. Perhaps it's all the water. Or the Vernor's and pasties. Whatever their reason for buzzing the state, it's widely rumored that the zippy, self-reversing actions of their spacecrafts were the inspiration for another Wolverine phenomenon...the famed Michigan Left Turn!

Upper Peninsula Shield UFO (posted Feb. 2009)

Two years ago, in the early spring, we were driving along the shore road from Marinette to Escanaba. It was a beautiful sunny Sunday morning about 10:30 am. We are in our 60's and not inclined to silliness. As we traveled just past the Cedar River Bridge, near the curve, we spotted a black object above the trees ahead of us. It was huge, the size of a garage. As we approaced each other, we slowed down and then we came to a complete stop.It slowly came closer to us; it was solid black, no lights, and no sound. It went over the top of us about tree height. It was shaped like a shield with points and standing on end. As we left the car to watch it, it was gone. In an instant! Gone. Has anyone seen anything like this one?

Huron Mountain Sighting (Posted Oct. 2006)

i was working at the huron mountian club (2002) and it's a small settlement on lake superior in the middle of the woods. it was mid-summer and my friend matt and i were sitting on a porch facing the tree-line with other friends on the other side facing us. in mid-conversation matt and I pause... we see a huge falling star upon the tree line and then it stopped, and floated away. we were speachless and everyone was saying, "hey, you guys. are you with us?" i looked towards matt, "did you see that?" matt says "hell yeah, did you say that?" it was inconceivable. Itwas mid-summer, july i think. the weather was completely clear. no city lights the stars were clear in sight. the light looked light an oversized shooting star, white light and had a streak behind it like a shooting star. it was traveling fast and then stopped. it just floated away like nothing. there was no sound to it, I almost (soiled) myself.. Casey

Dear Weird Michigan, A saw something strange coming home from my parents house on Brinton Rd, going south towards Airline Rd. - towards Mt. Pleasant on October 15th, 2006. I feel like I'm crazy just for typing this, but I can't get it to leave my head it was so bizzare! I was driving down Brinton Rd. when I looked up into the sky and saw a very large object flying over the trees. It looked to have bright orange for the top half and white for the bottom, but this was daytime, so I have no idea about flashing lights or if they were there. It was hanging very low, and it was making NO SOUND at all. None, and for something that low and large you should be able to hear... something, right?! That was especially creepy. I sped up as it quickly flew past the road I was on and over the trees. As I looked over though, it was gone. Completely out of site. There was no way it could of been an airplane, hanging that close to trees with no sound and going that fast. I've never been a believer of UFO's, but after seeing that I might reconsider. Thanks, Katie


A Sighting in the Soo (Posted July 2006)

With apologies for taking so long to post this:

On June 28, 2006, a citizen of Sault Ste. Marie looked out his window at twenty minutes to noon and saw a "metallic large object the size of a house, hovering 1,000 feet above his home. That statement was made to me by Soo Police Chief Lou Murray via phone call July 6. Chief Murray said the man, a local contractor, estimated the height of the object by comparing it to a TV antenna of known height. "He said the object was 'in sections,'" said Chief Murray, with a dark top that reminded him in color of an astronaut's face shield. The object had a 200-foot antenna or 'tail' coming out the back."

The chief also said the man reported the craft was totally silent and stationary, only moving a few feet several times as if to reposition itself. From the time the man noticed it until it finally "went straight up and left," was close to an hour. "His mother-in-law and neighbor also saw it," said the chief. "In fact, his mother-in-law actually called us to report it after he had just called the dispatcher to ask a few questions."

The man, his mother-in-law and neighbor are "regular, credible people," said the chief. "The investigating officer believed them."

The chief also said the man tried to shoot the UFO with his video camera but the battery was dead. He offered to make a sketch of it (I'm waiting for a copy). The sheriff said he called the Green Bay FFA office that day, and they were not able to explain the sighting in terms of any known flights in the Soo area that day.

I hope to get back with that sketch!


Near Lowell (site of the Ice Circle) circa 1992 posted 5/3/06

This happened to me about 14 yrs ago where I had grew up outside of Lowell By Saranac Ionia county. I was about 15 at the time and a friend & myself were laying in the yard looking up at the Stars. Out of nowhere along the treeline rose up a big bright light and slowly came tawards us then like a flash it Flew over us like a streak of lightning.... I've never seen anything like that since then and it was an astounding sight. Sincerely, Jamie

Take me to your milker....UFO shaped like cow seen in Manistee: Posted 4/24-06

Here is a new one in the annals of UFO sightings. Ashley from Manistee writes:

Well one time i was with my aunt and uncle and we where about to go in the house because we had just roasted marshmelows on the grill. the time was about 11:30 12:00 midnight, and my uncle looks up at the stars and asks me what that was. I looked up. It was very odd you see.. it looked like a cow! it wasent a bird or airplane or bat cus it was to slow and it wasn't a satellite because why would we see one? They would be way up too high! Who knows maybe it was the cow that jumped over the moon! It happend this past summer towrds the ending of July. it happend in Manistee, MI. on Kosiosko St. it looked like a cow because it had a simlar outline and the spots of a cow.I couldn't tell if it was metallic or not but, it was just grey and white in color. - Ashley

New Michigan Sightings reported in Filer's Files

The March 22 issue of Filer's Files reports a sighting of a metallic disk with lights over Lansing on March 9, 2006. A man wrote that he was awakened about a quarter past six a.m. by his dog wanting to get outside. As he let the mutt out, he happened to look up and was stunned to see the silver object with ten, red and white unblinking lights flying to the south. He said it was too low and too big to be an airplane, and he watched it until it vanished into some clouds. Another man reported seeing a triangle-shaped craft over Madison Heights outside of Detroit on March 3, 2006. It flew noiselessly from east to west, and the man was able to observe it for about ten minutes. He noticed it had five lights on its "leading edge."

Michigan UFOs and Other Enigmas

Michigan is described by John Keel, the Grand Old Man of unexplained-phenomena research, as "a major UFO 'window.'" He was actually referring specifically to the little town of Monroe in Cass County when he said in his book, "The Complete Guide to Mysterious Beings," that there have been "thousands of UFO sightings in this immediate area since 1896!" The famous Hillsdale sightings of March, 1966 also encompassed Livingston and Washtenaw Counties, and included over 100 witnesses, according to a Detroit News article by Vivian M. Baulch. Among the saucer-spotters were policemen, University of Michigan college students, and a civil defense director.

On March 21, the Detroit News told the saga of four Washtenaw County sheriff's deputies who spied "three or four red, white and green circular objects, oscillating and glowing, near Milan about 4. a.m." The paper ran a technical-looking drawing of an object that looked like two inverted saucers placed together, complete with diagrammed placement of lights, antennae and your standard transparent dome. The sightings continued, although other witnesses variously described the UFO as "pyramid-shaped," and having a "coral-like surface." (The newspaper diagram depicted a "quilted surface.") As publicity mounted, the Air Force dispatched their ace debunker, Dr. J. Allen Hynek, to conduct an investigation and declare the whole thing due to swamp gas, outraging witnesses such as William Van Horn, a pilot who was raised near a swamp. The sightings eventually thinned, although another clutch of UFOs popped up the next year around Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, Ypsilanti, and Grand Haven.

Interestingly, Monroe was also the site of a spate of "monster" sightings in 1965, the year before all this took place. Over two dozen people reported seeing a tall, hairy, smelly, long-armed creature lurking in the area. As Keel correctly notes, "A major UFO path goes through the state of Michigan." Following the Bigfoot trail, perhaps?

More stories to follow! Had a UFO sighting or know of one in your community? Please contribute!


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