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HI there, I live in Roscommon MI and there is a cemetary called Pere Cheney Cemetary and is well known around here for weird happenings. I went there to just check it out ( I love ghost stories, and old cemetaries) and as soon as you walk thru the gate there, the temperature seems to drop about 10 or more degrees. It's said that there is an old witch that used to practice there. There are candles and mementos left at the graves, every day they are removed, and every night they are back. As I walked thru the cemetary, I felt lots of spirits moving around there ( I think I am a little phsycic) and lots of sadness. There are a lot of young children buried there, and it's said the witch watches over them so they don't leave the grounds. People (mostly wicans) go there to practice thier religion and people also go there to party, hoping to see the witch. It's pretty well known in MI, and is one of the most scary places I have been. I do believe the ghosts abound there and get upset when people leave the cemetary a mess after their parties. Definetly a place to check out if you are looking for haunted cemetaries. Thanks for listening. Peg

I found your article about Crying Mary. As a teenager, growing up in Battle Creek, Oakhill was a place us kids hung out in, to spook people and goof around. I'm 50 now, but I remember, that ANY time we were there, the statue was crying and I believe it just wasn't on certain nites. It happened all the time. Just wanted to tell you that.Since it has been so many years ago, all I can remember is that during the daylight we didn't see any tears, but come dusk we would see them. We'd touch her tears and it was wet, dripping down from her eyes. Our thought was it was dew as evening grew on, but it was too constant, and happened now matter what the weather was like. And if it was "Dew", why did it only run from her eyes? Oakhill is a very old cemetery.. A.

Crying Mary, Oakhill Cemetery, Battle Creek

Every Sunday night around midnight (plus on full moons and Halloween), a statue of the Virgin Mary in Battle Creekšs Oak Hill cemetery is said to weep actual, fluid tears. The statue does appear to have traces or stains where something liquid has dripped, but some allege the marks have been painted there for effect. According to cemetery officials, there is no plumbing attached to the statue from below. The statue stands at the family grave grouping for one Johannas Decker who died in 1910. Many legends and rumors surround the woman buried there, ranging from stories saying she committed suicide to the more extreme tales claiming she killed her children and so must weep eternally through eyes of the statue. (Some Internet stories have switched Johannas to Joanna.) According to a 2004 story from the Battle Creek Enquirer, the stories have been in circulation since the 1940s. One cemetery worker told a reporter he believes the tear stains are from rain flowing down the sculptural depressions in the statuešs face. Moreover, says the article, the statue is not the Virgin Mary but a Greek goddess!

Haunted Denton Road Cemetery

This cemetary is known to be very haunted. If you go there around 12:00 pm you might hear some strange sounds such as baby's crying and screaming kids. If you take a video camera you might want to watch out because when you take it home you might see some weird stuff!!!! All I have to say is that if you go there......DON'T go ALONE!! - Nikki

Oakwood Cemetery, downtown Northville by library


Strange and unusual "baby crib" monument. It reads, "Children of JS and MG Lapham. Mattie J., died July 24, 1866 and James G., died May 3, 1864. Does anyone know any legends about this crib? E-mail


The Beeson Mansion and Crypt: a haunted house with its very own cemetery

South of Bond Street in Niles, Michigan, stands a beautiful Greek Revival1847 mansion said to be haunted by the ghost of a child long-dead. The baby ghost doesn't have far to travel, it can simply cross the street where, enclosed by a low stone fence, the old family crypt of the Beeson-Brownfield clan still stands as a private cemetery. Originally built by a whiskey distiller who deposited a whiskey bottle in the home's cornerstone, the house was later purchased by lawyer Strother Beeson. Beeson had a grandson, Job Withrow Beeson, who was born in 1869 and died a year later, in 1870. The parents, Willaim and Harriet Beeson, were griefstricken, of course. Strother Beeson had already erected a tomb across the street, not far from the banks of the St. Joseph river, where he had laid his mother to rest. His infant grandson was soon interred in the mausoleum as well. The ornate little crypt was lined with fine marble, and the surrounding area was groomed and planted like a park, with urns full of flowers.

But watchful neighbors concluded that Harriet Beeson never camer to terms with her grief. They said that the child's mother visited the crypt every night to feed, bathe and even diaper the infant's lifeless body. And since he was afraid of the dark, she began leaving a lit lantern inside so that he wouldn't be scared. Eventually, the Beesons installed their own carbide gas plant with a a pipeline into the crypt to keep an ever-present flame burning. At least one old newspaper photo shows the line entering one of the exterior ground-level vent on the crypt's south side. According to legend, the young mother kept up her ritual of feeding and rocking the baby until one horrifying night when the eyes finally fell out of the tiny corpse's head. The shock was supposedly so great that she never recovered and was eventually institutionalized. Relatives of the family have disputed that Harriet actually took the baby's body out to care for it, or that she "lost her mind." Harriet did die young, however, at age 28, and rests in the tomb with a total of 12 family members. The mansion is also supposed to be haunted by the sobbing ghost of a little girl, although there is no record of a young female dying there.

The home and cemetery are private, no trespassing, but can be seen easily from the road.


The Beeson-Brownfield Private Crypt

Coming soon: Photos and stories from my recent trips to cemeteries in Schoolcraft and Nunica

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